That we complete your engagement on time and meet your reporting dates.

We strive to turnaround yearends within six weeks, so that you won’t have to contact us to find out the status of your yearend. We keep track of the CRA filing dates and any other due dates (example: the bank).



That you understand our fees, and avoid surprises.

Professional services are by their nature variable, and we don’t know how much work is required until we ‘know’ the client. However, we will provide an estimate of fees before starting the initial yearend, which we are committed to. Our goal is to avoid surprises.



That we complete the engagement efficiently.

We will tell you if there is anything that can be done to complete the engagement more efficiently and will provide any schedules or templates if this will assist with completion of the yearend.



That you reasonably understand your financial statements.

We will present the financial information in a relevant format, while adhering to generally accepted accounting principles. However, it is important that our clients understand their statements, so we will take the time to review the statements with the client.



That we be available to your needs on a timely basis.

We will strive to return all calls and emails not later than one business day.



Personalized & Professional:

 Our approach to client relationships.

It is important that we gain an understanding of the client’s needs, to allow us to better serve the client. When possible, the same professional staff are used, so that there is continuity in the relationship.